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Friday, 22 June 2018 | MYT 12:00 AM

70-year-old man from Miri longhouse arrested for trying to rape 8-year-old girl


A SEVENTY-year-old man from a longhouse in Miri, Sarawak, was arrested after he tried to rape an eight-year-old girl from the same longhouse.

China Press reported that the man brought the girl to a jungle and took her clothes off but fled when he spotted someone walking nearby.

Marudi OCPD Deputy Supt Gabriel Risut said preliminary investigations revealed that the culprit had the girl pinned onto a wooden rack before taking off her clothes.

The frightened girl started crying, so the man covered her mouth with his hands. But a woman who was passing by saw what was happening.

Police promptly arrested the suspect at 3.40pm on Tuesday following a report.

> China Press also reported that a 51-year-old disabled man was bashed up by a “Datuk” when he called him “stupid”.

The disabled man said the June 13 incident began when he saw a luxury car parked in front of a cyber cafe in Kuala Lumpur and asked around for the owner.

“My intention to look for the owner was because I had witnessed many times that cars parked at that bay would be scratched by motorcycles or bicycles belonging to patrons of the cyber cafe.

“I just wanted to ask him or her to move the car,” he claimed.

When he walked to a restaurant located two doors away, he asked the workers if they knew the car owner.

“I mentioned ‘stupid, why would the driver want to park the car there?’. Then a man stood up and questioned me before hitting me in the head.

“He later called five other friends to bash me up but I managed to escape,” he claimed, adding that he had lodged a police report.

He also claimed that he found out later that the man had a Datukship.

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