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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 | MYT 12:00 AM

Barisan must rise to the occasion

BARISAN Nasional, get your act together! Just because of one election loss, you guys are acting like ants on a hot plate.

Don’t you remember there are people who voted for you in this just-concluded election?

During your campaigns, you all said you wanted to serve the people and bring development and prosperity. If that is the case, it is time to have a total reset of all your existing members.

Purge out those who are just in it for the money and keep only the genuine ones.

We still need a strong opposition to be the check and balance for the new government. Yes, I am a Pakatan Harapan supporter but at the same time, I love my country more.

And unchecked power is dangerous for this country.

Stand firm and learn to be a good Opposition group. If the Pakatan government doesn’t deliver in the next five years, the people might vote you back into power.

So, in the best interest of this country, stay put. Weed out those leaders who brought you down and start with a clean slate again.

As for Pakatan, from now on, most of your new members will be looking for fame and fortune. My sincere hope is that you will not succumb.

I also hope Pakatan will stand firm on the election results. It is better to lose a battle than lose the war. It is better to be a good Opposition party than to get defectors to join you to form a government.

Show us, the people, what you are made of and we will give you the mandate that you deserve in the next general election.

I love Malaysia first and I will do anything to protect the sanctity of this country.

And right now, I am staring at a Pakatan government that would be all powerful if there isn’t a strong Barisan Opposition to act as its check and balance.

So man up, Barisan. The people have spoken. It’s time to be the Opposition party that this nation has voted you for.

Like Russell Peters always says, “Be a man.”


Kota Kinabalu