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Thursday, 19 April 2018 | MYT 3:33 PM

Believe it or not: Online attacks against hero auxiliary cop

GEORGE TOWN: Jambatan Kedua Sdn Bhd (JKSB) has refuted claims by several news portals that the auxiliary policeman who helped save a drowning woman after she jumped off the second Penang bridge, was “inexperienced”.

JKSB senior general manager Mohd Suhaimi Mohd Jusoh said their auxiliary policemen are given proper training to handle such situations.

“Our officers are given training in swimming, scuba diving, first aid, traffic management and other related rescue skills.

“When our bridge patrolman Zaidi Salleh jumped into the waters to save the woman, he was well-prepared to face the situation,” he told The Star when met at the JKSB office Thursday (April 19).

Mohd Suhaimi said Zaidi, 52, acted wisely and promptly by tying an empty jerrycan to his waist as an emergency flotation device and using a car-towing strap, which he tied to a lamp-post on the bridge, to rappel down into the water.

“It was unlike the online reports, which stated that Zaidi got into the water first, then held onto a discarded fish container that he saw and used as a buoy.

“He did not dive blindly into the waters without first planning the rescue,” he stressed.

He also lauded Zaidi and the other auxiliary policemen who were at the scene in helping the woman.

The Star reported that Zaidi and his partner Mohammad Fitri Abu Bakar were in the second unit responding to the emergency after patrolman Megat Taufik Megat Kamaruddin first spotted the woman’s empty car on the bridge at about 11am on Wednesday (April 18).

Zaidi had lashed the container to his belt and tied a car-towing strap to a lamp-post on the bridge as the woman screamed for help and floated away.

He slid down the towing strap to get closer to the water before diving feet first into the sea and swimming to the woman.

After he reached the woman, the current swept them away after 15 minutes in the water as they waited for assistance from a nearby fishing boat.