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Friday, 20 April 2018 | MYT 10:00 AM

Boosted announces four new electric boards, shorter and faster for big cities

Boosted has just launched not one but four new electric skateboards with speeds of up to 24mph (38.6kmh) and 14 mile (22.5km) ranges.

For anyone into rideables, Boosted is the brand that put bright orange wheels under their electric longboard. Since then, they've been busy designing this new collection of four products.

Two of the new products are more traditional longboards of 38-inches with speeds of up to 24mph, while two are "mini" boards of 29.5-inches, traveling at up to 20 mph (32kmh).

The smaller Booster Mini S and X have similar weights (15-17 lbs or 6.8-7.7kg), come with 80mm Boosted Lunar wheels, can handle up to 20% grade hill climbing and have three ride modes. For US$150 (RM583) more, the Boosted Mini X can travel 2mph (3.2kmh) faster (20mph) and has a 14-mile range, which is double that of the "S".

John Ulmen, Boosted Co Founder and CTO, talked about his inspiration for the shorter boards in a blog post to accompany the launch of the products this week:

“Boosted Mini is the board I am probably most excited about. Last year during a trip to New York I couldn't stop thinking about designing something better suited for a super dense urban environment. I wanted something that was there when I needed it, but could just be tucked away when I didn't. I also craved more maneuverability – something I could just turn in place.”

The company hopes that with a starting price of US$749 (RM2,909) for the Boosted Mini S, although still an investment, more people will be able to afford a rideable.

“For riders with short, frequent trips in dense areas, Boosted Mini will be the product of choice."

As for the two longer boards, both have a 14-mile range, Boosted Stratus 85mm wheels, 25% hill climbing grade and weigh 17 lbs.

The Boosted Stealth allows for faster travel, with a top speed of 24mph, as well as having 5 riding modes. Ulmen notes, “I spent a lot of time riding prototypes with the team, fine-tuning the 5th mode so that it retains the smooth acceleration curve that is Boosted's trademark, but with just the right amount of kick to make it an even more thrilling experience.”

The Boosted Plus (US$1399/RM5,434) and Boosted Stealth (US$1599/RM6,211) will be available in the next 6-10 weeks. The Boosted Mini S (US$749) ships in 8-10 weeks and the Boosted Mini X (US$999/RM3,880) in 12-14 weeks. All are on sale on the company website. — AFP Relaxnews