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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 | MYT 12:00 AM

Brave act to prevent accident on PLUS highway

I WAS on my way back to Kuala Lumpur after spending the weekend with my family in Port Dickson on the morning of Oct 29. It was a little past 11am.

Cruising on the four-lane PLUS Expressway was a breeze as traffic was light. After the KM268 marker, we noticed a black object the size of a small motorcycle lying on the second lane and two young men running towards it.

As we drove past, my wife, who was driving, and I wondered what the black object was. It turned out to be a small dumpster that had probably fallen off the lorry transporting it.

I saw the two men lift the dumpster, carry it towards the emergency lane and toss it over the guardrail. They must have thought that leaving it on the highway would pose a hazard to all highway users, especially motorcyclists. They could have left it for the highway patrol team to remove but they didn’t, as they realised the immediate danger it posed to road users. They certainly did the right thing.

Plastic emergency cones lying on the highway are hazardous to road users so just imagine what danger an object like a dumpster would pose. It was fortunate that it was early morning and the dumpster was visible to highway users from a great distance.

Thanks to the two men, an untoward accident was averted. If you guys happen to read this, a high-five to both of you. If ever there was any kind of reward from the highway operator for such an act, these two men deserve it hands down.


Kuala Lumpur