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Tuesday, 21 March 2017 | MYT 12:00 AM

Broken windows must be fixed

I WISH to congratulate the police and Ipoh City Council enforcement officers for removing 1,966 illegal money lending posters and banners in Tambun, Ampang, Bercham and Kampung Tawas recently.

Perak Commercial Crime chief Supt Lee Ewe Kiang warned Ah Longs and runners who put up illegal money lending posters and banners that they faced action under the Prevention of Crime Act 1959.

Illegal banners are one of the many ‘broken windows’ of our society. They would lead to more crime and degradation of society, when they are accepted as the norm or biasa in Malay. It is natural for people to commit wrongdoings, whether criminal or immoral, if they think they can get away with it, corruption being the best example. Another ‘broken window’ is the taking over public parking lots and sidewalks for business. It is a clear indication of whether council enforcement officers are on the take. If not, they must be blind or totally inept.

City or town councillors too may be incompetent. Only the foolhardy would dare to park their vehicles in parking lots in front of any tyre, car accessory or workshop operating out of shoplots. Few of these businesses pay for reserved parking lots. The premises licence should be issued together with the rental of parking lots, which can be quite a number as many operate at corner lots or have dual frontage.

The biggest culprits are restaurants that fence up five-foot-ways at the front or side of their shops, treating public space as their own.

YS Chan

Kuala Lumpur