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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 | MYT 12:00 AM

Change mindset on parking habits

WE live in an area which is being progressively commercialised, leaving only a few residential homes in Kuala Lumpur. We are surrounded by restaurants and shops catering to tourists. What do you think our woes are living in this environment (and I believe it is one shared by many other Malaysians)?

Yes, illegal and inconsiderate parking. Illegal parking seems to be the norm in Malaysia. Yellow lines are blatantly disregarded, vehicles are double-parked and, the worst of all, leaving a vehicle in the driveway of someone’s home and the driver is nowhere to be found.

In our case, tour buses clog up the roads or are perpetually parked in front of our driveway. Restaurant customers also happily park in our driveway even though there is a paid parking area nearby.

Why do certain quarters of society think it is acceptable to park in this way? Do they believe they have the right to behave in such a manner at the expense of other people? It is not just a matter of inconveniencing others; it might also be an issue of safety in case of an emergency.

Since illegal parking is so rampant, there is little the authorities can do to curb it. This is a problem that must be addressed by shifting the mindset of society. If you would not like it done to you, why do it to others?

Malaysians are friendly and caring people but somehow this does not extend to their parking and driving attitudes. If we want to pride ourselves on being a nation with moral integrity, we need to change our attitudes about illegal parking. Ultimately, it is about doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Kuala Lumpur