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Wednesday, 13 June 2018 | MYT 12:00 AM

Dilemma over blocked drain

IT only takes one uncooperative villager to cause problems for others.

In Kampung Manjoi Baru in Ipoh, five villagers on Jalan Juara and Jalan Pemimpin are unhappy that a fellow villager has blocked off a drain on his land, causing drainwater to flood their homes.

Speaking on behalf of the affected residents, businessman Imran Abdullah said they have met with the villager about allocating some land to build a drainage system so that drainwater can flow.

“We have met and talked about the issue but nothing has been done. We told him to do is as part of a wakaf (an endowment).

“It started when he walled off the boundary of his plot of land, causing the existing earthen drain there to be blocked off,” he told reporters at the village during a press conference held by Perak Barisan Nasional Public Service and Complaints Centre chief Mohd Rawi Abdullah last Friday.

“The water is now trapped and overflows into several nearby homes,” he said, adding that the problem started in February.

“Our homes are inundated because of this,” he added.

Imran said one villager who was also building a house nearby, has to stop as the overflowing water kept flooding the site.

“The construction has been stopped for about five months now.

“What we are asking now is for him to build a drain on his land so that the water can flow to the main irrigation system,” he said.

“Another thing we are worried about is the stagnant water that has collected in the blocked canal will enable mosquitoes to breed,” he added.

Mohd Rawi said he will write to Manjoi Assemblyman Asmuni Awi and to the state government to resolve the matter.

“I understand that the villagers here had already complained to the former assemblyman but to no avail.

“Let’s hope the new one can assist the villagers here,” he said.

Asmuni could not be reached for comment.