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Sunday, 15 April 2018 | MYT 2:00 PM

Does Cambridge Analytica have your Facebook data? Here is how to find out

The illegal sharing of some 87 million Facebook users' data with the dubious data consulting firm Cambridge Analytica has left near every person around the world with an account thinking the same thing: Have my posts, my photos and my messages been leaked?

The social networking site Facebook has started notifying users whose data has been shared. But if you don't want to wait that long, you can find out by either following this link or by going to Facebook's help centre.

The help centre can be found under the question mark symbol on the top menu bar, where you can then enter the word "Cambridge" into the search bar.

You should then see whether your data has been shared with Cambridge Analytica, either via the application This Is Your Digital Life or via your Facebook friends.

But you shouldn't expect to get anything more than information. If you or your friends used the app at some point in the past, there is no way to delete that data. And Facebook is only explicitly talking about this app – there's no way to know if other developers used the same trick to access your Facebook information and friends lists. — dpa