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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 | MYT 12:00 AM

Eating for comfort can also lead to obesity

REFERRING to the report “Does prosperity lead to obesity?” (The Star, March 12), I think one very important reason for obesity has been left out, which is unhappiness that usually turns into depression.

Unhappy and depressed people tend to compensate with food for the sadness they feel inside, especially when food is cheap and easily available. They live to eat since they lack other worthy goals.

Eating for comfort affects both the rich and poor, and is not necessarily linked to the level of education or how much one earns. An educated, lonely person can easily go to food to stifle the unhappiness inside.

In Malaysia, subsidised sugar is also a strong reason why people put on too much weight. Many food outlets, including fast food restaurants, will give customers up to four sachets of sugar for just one cup of coffee.

Cooking is an art and a passion. When people cook simply to fill their belly, the resulting food will not be delicious. In fact, it will often be plain or substandard.

Poor quality of food will also make one want to eat more because one doesn’t feel satisfied. The food may be filling but it is not nutritious.

The relevant parties should look into why so many people are unhappy and why ethical food production is lacking.

People need more worthy goals and more interesting and fun activities. Dancing, for example, is a very good and healthy pastime.

There’s also art. It has been said that art will save the world. Art is all absorbing, and when you are so concentrated about an activity that involves your heart and soul, you will think less about eating.