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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 | MYT 12:00 AM

Fired up and ready to vote in GE14

I WILL be 88 years old come May. Some people at this stage of life may no longer care to vote in the coming general election but I am as enthusiastic as ever and I will not miss it.

I have voted in all state and parliamentary elections since the first one in the 1950s. I have read with interest, and at times frustration, many articles especially by spin doctors in the media to influence voters.

I am also not amused by the constant feuding among leaders of various parties for personal political mileage.

As a law-abiding citizen of Malaysia, I will do my duty, according to my conscience, when that election date comes.

I hope I am not biased but I have always admired a neighbouring country that, over the past five decades, has had a government based on honesty and integrity and is non-corruptible.

If all governments adhere to these three principles, we would be in for a better world. Everyone has a right to wealth but it must be obtained through unquestionable means.

Many of my peers will not be able to vote in the coming election because they have already “migrated” upwards.

But for those who are still around, let us vote with confidence for a better Malaysia in the 14th general election.