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Thursday, 23 November 2017 | MYT 5:03 PM

Four men charged in connection with videos showing gang slogans at funeral processions

SINGAPORE: Four men were charged in court on Thursday (Nov 23) for their alleged involvement in unlawful societies. This follows videos that went online earlier this year, depicting groups of people shouting gang slogans at funeral processions.

Chay Wen Fu, 18, and Yu Teck Hoon, 42, are suspected to be members of Hai Lok San while Abdul Ghani Bin Mustaffa, 55, and Adam Malik Bin Bahtiar, 50, are suspected to be members of Sio Kun Tong. Both gangs are part of the '18' group, an infamous secret society.

Under the Societies Act, it is illegal to join or act as a member of an unlawful society. It is also illegal to attend a meeting of an unlawful society.

Each suspect faces between one and three charges, according to their charge sheets. One of the charges is aimed at their gang membership.

Police arrested the four men in March this year, the same month that the clips surfaced online.

On March 2, a 49-second clip showed men chanting "Sah Lak Kau" - "369" in Hokkien - near Kim Tian Road at the funeral of a 55-year-old warehouse assistant nicknamed Guni. The slogan is synonymous with the gang Sio Kun Tong.

The clip, shared on Facebook, garnered more than 58,000 views in three days.

Several days later, another clip surfaced online, showing a large group of men repeatedly chanting "Hai Lok San" while walking down a road during a funeral procession.

The police arrested seven people - suspected of gang-related activities - in connection with each video. Among them were the four men charged on Thursday (Nov 23).

Investigations for the remaining 10 people are still ongoing.

Yu, who intends to plead guilty, will appear again in court on Dec 6 while Chay's case will be heard on Dec 15. Both men are not represented by lawyers.

Adam Malik and Abdul Ghani's cases are adjourned for further mention on Dec 21. They are represented by law firms Kannan SG and Withers Khattarwong respectively.

If convicted, the men can be liable for a fine not exceeding $5,000 (RM15,274) or a jail term of up to three years or to both. - The Straits Times/Asia News Network