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Thursday, 14 September 2017 | MYT 12:00 AM

GrabCar driver assaults student and demands sex


A COLLEGE student in Kuala Lumpur had a horrific experience when a GrabCar driver assaulted her and tried to force her into having sex with him, reported China Press.

During the 11.45am incident on Monday, the driver picked up the woman from her college in Cheras to drive her back to her hostel.

However, after a couple of minutes, the student realised the driver was not following the correct route and questioned him.

The driver stopped at an isolated place and assaulted the woman on the back seat. Punching and kicking her, the driver tried to strangle the woman and only stopped when another car drove by.

Threatening her, he suggested they have sex in a hotel. The student then asked him to drive her to any hotel in the city.

Once they reached a hotel in Setapak, the woman attacked the driver before escaping. She later sought help from a car workshop nearby and called her father. She subsequently lodged a report.


> The Chinese daily also reported that a youth in Bukit Serdang, Selangor, had three of his fingers broken after he was beaten up for failing to repay his debts.

During the 9.15pm incident on Monday, the 23-year-old, who works in a jewellery shop, was beaten by a man with a wooden stick.

Besides the broken fingers on his left hand, he suffered injuries to his body. The suspect has since been arrested.


> Sin Chew Daily reported that a 34-year-old woman in Anhui, China, refused to divorce her paralysed husband despite advice from both her parents and in-laws.

Zhao Guo Ping said her in-laws asked her to divorce their son and marry another man.

“My husband is paralysed, my father-in-law has lumbar vertebrae disease and my mother-in-law has heart disease. How can I leave the family?” she asked.


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