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Monday, 17 July 2017 | MYT 12:00 AM

Infrastructure development and traffic key concerns for Bandar Utama residents

IT WAS a victory of sorts for the Bandar Utama Residents Association (Bura), when the group was able to fight for the realignment of the Light Rail Transit 3 (LRT3) project in their neighbourhood.

“Through the ‘No LRT3 into BU’ group, we managed to get the LRT3 train line’s alignment to change from along Lebuh Bandar Utama and Persiaran Bandar Utama, which would have required 35 houses to be demolished, to be realigned to run above Sungai Ara,” said Bura chairman Syed Mohd Taufik Syed Abu Bakar.

“However, as there will be two LRT3 stations in Bandar Utama, we remain concerned about the project’s impact on traffic, housing and infrastructure, and will continue to engage the relevant authorities on the matter.”

Bura functions as the voice of Bandar Utama residents and works closely with the nine RAs in the Petaling Jaya neighbourhood.

“Each RA handles security, cleanliness and issues that affect its area,” said Syed Mohd Taufik.

“Bura looks into common issues that affect the community’s general welfare, such as overall cleanliness and infrastructure, traffic congestion and public transportation, as well as liaising with local authorities and Bandar Utama City Corporation on various matters.”

He said another concern is the construction of 1Powerhouse, a transit-oriented development with parking facilities that will directly connect to both the Bandar Utama MRT and LRT3 stations.

An elevated single-lane road will also be built by the developer to disperse traffic from 1Powerhouse to Tengkat Bandar Utama and Persiaran Surian.

“We foresee issues cropping up when the MRT and LRT3 lines are fully up and running,” said Syed Mohd Taufik.

“We also hope that the authorities will consider covering drains with box culverts to create walkways and bicycle lanes. This is to encourage people to walk or ride to the train stations.”

Meanwhile, he said the Bandar Utama community centre in BU3 was recently given a landscape upgrade.

“There are plans to build a cover for its basketball court, as well as have a library and cafe within its premises this year.

“There are also plans to build a new community centre on a 0.45ha site in Jalan BU 11/7 this year.

“This would benefit residents staying in BU11G, BU11H and BU12,” said Syed Mohd Taufik.

He added that Bura has a good working relationship with its local councillor, assemblyman, developer and the police.

Bura organises activities such as festive celebrations, health and lifestyle events, and clean-up campaigns to strengthen the spirit of neighbourliness.

There is also a Bura Seniors’ Club that organises Mandarin classes, tai chi and line dancing sessions, and trips to local destinations.

Bura can be contacted at

Infrastructure development and traffic are key concerns for Bandar Utama RA