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Friday, 21 April 2017 | MYT 6:00 AM

Internet and Ellen DeGeneres rally behind Wendy’s nugget kid

Remember the kid who accepted Wendy's challenge to get 18 million retweets in exchange for a year's worth of free nuggets? 

In just two weeks, Carter Wilkerson has gone from 150 to nearly 87,000 followers, and as of the morning of April 20 is just 100,000 retweets shy of breaking Ellen De Generes' record of 3.3 million retweets for her epic Oscars selfie. 

For those unfamiliar with the back story, the Reno, Nevada teen loves his nuggets. Really loves his nuggets. 

Earlier this month, Wilkerson gave Wendy's – his favourite purveyor of his favourite chicken nuggets – some free and favourable publicity when he engaged the company's social media team in a bet that went viral. 

After tweeting, "Yo @Wendys how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?" he elicited a cheeky response from the fast food chain, which wrote back "18 million." 


Along with armies of sympathisers on Twitter, the stunt gained the attention of US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who brought the teen on her show this week in part to help out a boy and his love for nuggets, but also to safeguard her own record for the most retweets. Pre-Wilkerson, her 2014 star-studded Oscar selfie was at 3.3 million retweets. 

After inviting Wilkerson to her show this week, DeGeneres confronted the teen asking, "Why are you trying to sabotage my selfie?"  

"You know honestly, I just want chicken nuggets," he replied, as only a 16-year-old can. "I just have a love for the chicken nuggets."  

Enter the wheeling and dealing DeGeneres, who struck a deal with Wilkerson and the Twittersphere: Anyone who retweets his request is also being asked to retweet her Oscars selfie. 

In exchange, she offered him a 55in TV and a year's supply of Ellen underwear.  

Her strategy: Everyone gets what they want.  

As of April 20, it seems the request is being heeded, as Wilkerson has shot up to 3.2 million tweets, while the Oscars selfie has risen to 3.4 million retweets.  

Watch the Ellen segment here. — AFP Relaxnews