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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 | MYT 12:00 AM

It’s not me, man tells Ah Long

IPOH: A storekeeper who has the same name as someone believed to have borrowed money from a loan shark is being harassed over a RM17,000 debt.

Yong Khai Liang’s house was splashed with red paint in Jelapang New Village just before midnight on July 13.

Two cars parked nearby were also spattered with paint.

Khai Liang, 32, said he also found three pieces of paper with a picture of an unidentified man and a white car, as well as a mobile phone number.

“My name was written on the paper. I have no idea who the man in the picture is.

“I don’t have any financial issues and have never borrowed money from loan sharks,” he told a press conference organised by Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Jimmy Loh yesterday.

“I think the loan shark might have mistaken me for someone else,” Khai Liang said, adding that he lodged a police report on Friday.

“I don’t know how they were able to get my address and home phone number.”

Khai Liang said two men in a white car drove up to his home that night and threw a plastic bag filled with red paint at the house before speeding off.

His father, former Jelapang New Village chief Yong Ah Thim, said a loan shark called the house in April, asking him about Khai Liang’s alleged debt.

“The man on the line also gave a MyKad number which he said was my son’s, but it was not.

“I asked my son about it and he denied borrowing money from loan sharks,” Ah Thim, 61, said.

He added that the loan shark told him that his office was in Puchong, but Ah Thim maintained that his son had never left Ipoh.

“He has always been here, staying under the same roof as me,” he said.

“They threatened to take action against my son if we failed to pay up.”

During the press conference, Ah Thim phoned the loan shark, demanding that the man, known only as Yap, explain the harassment.

In Mandarin, he told the man off for acting without confirming the identity of the real debtor.

Loh told the media that he believed it was an attempt to cheat the family.

“I urge the loan shark to stop bothering the Yongs. They have already lodged a police report and the matter will be investigated,” he added.