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Thursday, 21 June 2018 | MYT 6:00 PM

Kula, who once held a red IC, reiterates Pakatan's commitment to solve statelessness issue

KUALA LUMPUR: Who would have thought that M. Kulasegaran, the recently elected Human Resources Minister, was once considered stateless.

According to the 60-year-old DAP politician, he was given a red IC when he was 12 despite being born and bred in Malaysia.

"Somehow, I was able to settle it. My younger sisters and brother also have blue ICs and they are citizens," he said in a video posted on Facebook on Thursday (June 21).

In the video, Kulasegaran reiterated Pakatan Harapan's commitment to solve cases of statelessness involving locals, as promised in its election manifesto.

"Many might not realise with a red IC, they can't buy a house, get a job, or go to government hospitals and schools. This is fundamentally affecting many people," he said.

"As once a red IC holder myself, let me assure many out there still with red ICs – Pakatan remains committed to settle these cases as promised in our election manifesto.

"Administrative mistakes of the previous government will be corrected. We will find a solution," he added.