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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 | MYT 12:00 AM

Man who donated kidney to father makes ring out of surgery staples



MAJOR Chinese dailies highlighted a man in Singapore who donated a kidney to his father and then made a wedding ring out of the ­titanium staples used in the surgery.

Customer service manager Shaun Nair, 29, said he wanted to keep a memory of “the most meaningful thing” he had ever done.

He said after being diagnosed with acute renal failure, his father thought of giving up as he did not want the dialysis cost to affect his family.

Story on Kidney transplant in Singapore
The ring crafted from the titanium staples used in the surgery.

“We managed to convince him to undergo a transplant, only to find that it would take him eight years on the hospital’s waiting list.

“He had less than a year to live, so I decided to give him one of my kidneys,” he said.

Shaun, who is getting married soon, wanted to keep the staples used in the procedure and decided to craft them into his wedding ring.


> China Press reported that a screenshot of a resignation letter sent in by a security guard in Changchun, China, went viral for being the “most practical”.

Xiao Yang, 25, stated “it was difficult to find a girlfriend” at his workplace as the reason for his resignation.

The man, who was paid 3,000 yuan (RM1,891) monthly, tendered his resignation after working there for three months.

“I think it’s difficult for me to look for a girlfriend here and my family has been pushing me about this,” he wrote in the letter.


> A 49-year-old grandfather in Yongzhou, China, was arrested after he slapped his four-year-old granddaughter in a supermarket, causing her nose to bleed, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The man was caught on camera slapping the girl for being afraid to ride an escalator.

A video clip shows a woman tending to the girl’s injury. The man then pushes the woman aside and slaps the girl again.


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