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Sunday, 13 August 2017 | MYT 11:05 AM

Monster 300kg croc caught by Sarawak villagers

MIRI: A monster-sized 300kg crocodile, the length of three adult men, was captured alive by villagers of Kg Labau Sibuti in northern Sarawak.

The crocodile was seen on a riverbank close to the village, located 60km south of Miri city on Saturday evening.

Villagers, terrified by the threat posed by such a large crocodile, called the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC).

Help arrived and the reptile was eventually captured, but villagers faced another problem transporting it to a nearby crocodile farm – as none of the vehicles on hand were able to accommodate the humongous reptile.

SFC personnel in turn had to call the Miri Civil Defence Department for help, and a three-tonne lorry was deployed to transport the crocodile.

"The SFC asked the Miri Civil Defence unit to help load and transport the crocodile to the Kuala Baram crocodile farm (near the Miri-Brunei border)," said Department chief Mohd Hazle Abdul Hamid.

"When our unit arrived, the crocodile was already captured and tied up by villagers and the SFC people.

"It weighed at least 300kg and was about 18ft long," he said to reporters on Sunday.

It is one of the biggest crocodiles caught alive by villagers in Miri division so far.