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Saturday, 26 May 2018 | MYT 12:00 AM

Perak does away with old councillors and village chiefs

THE state government has taken the decision to end the services of local councillors in the state with immediate effect the during the first meeting of the new state executive council on Wednesday, Mentri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu announced.

It was also decided during the meeting that village chiefs appointed by the previous state government will vacate their positions by the end of June.

Former Ipoh City Councillor Leong Chee Wai said he had tendered in his resignation as a councillor on May 12.

Leong said it was only ethical for him to step down with the change of the state government.

“Even if the state government was under Barisan Nasional, I would have tendered my resignation, as MCA did not win any seats.

“So since the people made the decision to choose Pakatan Harapan as both their Federal and state governments, we must respect their wishes,” he said when contacted.

Leong who is Batu Gajah MCA treasurer however said that the public can still seek his assistance.

The states new executive councillors were sworn in before Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah and Raja Permaisuri Perak Tuanku Zara Salim at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar, last week.
The states new executive councillors were sworn in before Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah and Raja Permaisuri Perak Tuanku Zara Salim at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar, last week.

“I no longer have a service centre as it was closed down a few days after the results of the elections were announced, but people can still call or message me.

“We will let the people compare for themselves the services provided by Barisan and Pakatan,” he added.

However, another councillor Low Leong Sin said he had planned to wait for instructions before submitting his resignation as a councillor.

“With Pakatan now ruling the state, it is natural that they end the services of the councillors appointed by the previous government.

“People still need our services because no new councillors have been appointed yet, so rightfully we are still the councillors,” he said.

Kampung Baru Simpang Pulai JKKK chief Chin Yee Yin said he will respect the decision of the government of the day.

Chin said after the results on the elections were announced, he had stopped all activities and events he had planned as a village chief.

“I will wait for instructions from the party, because at the federal level the prime minister announced the abolishment of the Residents’ Representatives Committee (JPP).

“Because the appointments of the village chiefs were by Barisan, I need to get instructions from them first,” he added.

Another village chief Chen Kong Hoy said he will continue to provide services to the people in his village.

The Kopisan village head said he had started a project to plant coffee trees at the village in 2015.

“Villagers were asked to plant the trees in front of their houses, in schools, and around the village, and the plants should be bearing fruit in about two years.

“This is an eco-tourism project which that could bring about opportunities as we have also spoken to a company in China and several other local companies to purchase coffee beans from the village,” he added.

Chen, however, said he had handed over the keys of the JKKK office to the village’s PKR division chief.

“So whether I am a village chief or otherwise, I will continue with the project that I started,” he added.

On Wednesday Ahmad Faizal said that not all state agencies set up by the previous Barisan-led government in Perak would be disbanded.

He had said that agencies that benefited the people would remain and the current state government would find ways to improve them.

However, Ahmad Faizal said that with immediate effect, the positions of the current local councillors will end, while the village heads will hold on to their positions until June 30.

Ahmad Faizal also announced the portfolios of the state’s 10 new executive councillors.

Ahmad Faizal, besides being mentri besar, heads the Finance, Safety, Land, Statutory Bodies, Minerals, and Economic Planning Committee.

Asmuni Awi will head the Religious and Islamic Education, Industry, Rural, and Entrepreneur Development Committee.

Yong Choo Kiong heads Housing, Local Government, Public Transport, Non-Islamic Affairs and New Villages Committee.

Abdul Yunus Jamahri heads the Public Facilities, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Agro-Based Committee.

Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is the Investment and Corridor Development Committee chairman.

Dr Abdul Aziz Bari takes over the Education, Science, Environment, Green Technology and Information Committee chairman’s post.

A. Sivenesan heads the Health, Consumers Affairs, Civil Society, National Integration and Human Resource Committee.

The sole womanexecutive councillor, Wong May Ing, chairs the Women and Family Development, Character Development, and Community Welfare Committee.

Tan Kar Hing is the Tourism, Arts and Culture Committee chairman.

Hasnul Zulkarnain Munaim is the Communications, Multimedia, Non-Governmental Organisation and Cooperatives Development Committee chairman.

Howard Lee Chuan How heads the Youth, Sports and Human Capital Development Committee.

Ahmad Faizal said that the council members will work as a team.

“Not all of us know everything. Therefore as a team we will continue to provide advice, reminders, and reprimand one another.

“Our focus now is to fulfil the promises made to the people, and we must ensure that in five years people start to enjoy the perks of the new government that they chose,” he added.

On the preparation for the coming Sukma games to be held in Perak in September, Ahmad Faizal said he was briefed about the event on his first day in office.

“We will continue with the preparations, and the good news is that the prime minister has approved additional allocation to ensure Sukma is carried out smoothly,” he added.

Lee said he will be meeting with all those involved in Sukma directly or indirectly.

“I will also be visiting all the locations picked for Sukma to ensure that everything is in order,” he said, adding that basically the state is ready for the hosting of the games.