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Thursday, 17 May 2018 | MYT 6:50 PM

Primary school in Negri Sembilan holds the cutest 'general elections' ever

PETALING JAYA: A small school in Negri Sembilan held its own cute version of a 'general election'.

It was almost like a scene out of GE14 with polling booths and ballot boxes. But instead of indelible ink, the students of SK Felda Pasoh 2 in Jempol dipped their index fingers in red food colouring.

Pre-schoolers and primary school students gathered on Teachers' Day on May 16 to vote for the school's Most Handsome Teacher, Most Active Teacher, Best Teacher and other titles.

Teacher Mohd Yunus Shahar, 34, had volunteered as a polling clerk for the Election Commission during GE14 and decided to bring a slice of the election atmosphere to this school in a Felda scheme.

"I wanted to pass down my experience to my students and teach them about democracy and their right to vote," Mohd Yunus told The Star.

He said the voting process was similar to the General Elections, but slightly simplified, because there were 21 teachers who were contesting as "candidates".

"In the beginning, the students were confused. But after we explained the objective of the Teacher's Day election and what their 'rights' as students are, they started to grasp the concept of voting," he said.

"We only issued one ballot paper and the students voted by writing the teacher's candidate number next to the preferred award," he added.

Yunus said he mooted the idea to school headmistress Mazda Ujang who immediately agreed to the school "election".

He added the election was a success with a 100% voter turnout rate.

"183 students participated in the elections, the students had fun, the parents were happy, the whole school had a good time," he said.

The Music and Sports teacher was voted as Most Active Teacher.

Most importantly, Yunus had introduced a new culture and tradition to the school.

"We plan to have an election for the Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect for 2019, at the end of this year," Yunus said, adding that teachers and students will vote together in this election.

And just like any credible election, the candidate will have to launch their own manifesto on how they will contribute to the school.

"This is a new tradition for SK Felda Pasoh 2, but I hope other schools in Malaysia will also adopt this tradition," said Yunus.