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Thursday, 12 October 2017 | MYT 12:00 AM

Put an end to this cheating business

I AM a working professional living in Cyberjaya in a student apartment. This place is truly a beautiful hub for students and expatriates. I have lived here for more than three years and met many students from different walks of life who pursue different courses, from engineering, project management, accounting and finance to fashion design, architecture and even medicine and physiotherapy.

There are many established universities in this area.

When I got home recently, I found a brochure titled “Assign­ment Creatorsin my mail box. The brochure offered the services of a group of so-called professionals to do final-year projects, thesis and all sorts of assignments for a variety of courses. The group even assured their prospective customers that a plagiarism check is done using a specific software and authenticity would be somewhat guaranteed.

This shocked me as it is encouraging students to pay people to do their assignments. Coaching and tutoring are entirely different from hiring someone to do an entire assignment.

When I enquired with a friend who is an educator in one of the universities, he said that this business has mushroomed everywhere and there is technically no “law” to curb it.

Assignments and projects surely take a lot of our time as students and they can be daunting. But these are the same projects designed by the institution to enable students to gain knowledge and eventually a professional certification/degree/masters or doctorate.

The absence of authenticity defies the purpose of even pursuing an education. It is almost equivalent to buying a degree.

I appeal to all the institutions concerned and the Education Ministry to have tight enforcement on this matter. We are surely not helping the next generation by closing an eye and allowing this business to thrive. It is also disheartening to learn that it is being done openly, complete with brochures and contact numbers.