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Saturday, 13 January 2018 | MYT 12:00 AM

Show me the Luit

Sungai Luit Falls, Kuala Kubu Baru

Venue: Kampung Pertak, Kuala Kubu Baru

3°34’42.0”N, 101°44’05.2”E (parking area)



Drive from Rawang to carpark in Kampung Pertak: Slightly under an hour.

Hike from start point to Lata Makau: About two hours (varies according to individuals’ fitness level).

Cost: RM1 per person for entrance fee.

The first part of this trail and its terrain are pretty similar to Bukit Kutu’s, so those who have trekked up to Bukit Kutu will be familiar and comfortable on this particular hike.

It is a few minutes’ walk on tarred road from the parking area to reach the first suspension bridge.


A few metres from there, however, you will need to cross a makeshift bridge that is essentially just a wooden plank across the river. Do walk with extreme care.

Upon reaching a fork in the path, keep to the left as the trail on the right leads to Bukit Kutu.

Going along the Sungai Luit trail, you will come across a bamboo grove and sure enough, hear the rush of a waterfall. The first waterfall you will encounter is Lata Jebus or – alternatively known as Lata Jerbus – reachable via a short side trail.


To reach Lata Makau, continue on this path until you reach a second fork and again, go left. The trail ahead is visible and clear. It follows the Luit river until you reach a swimming pool carved by Mother Nature.

Those who are adventurous can continue upstream to reach Lata Makau, a nice waterfall and pool area large enough to swim laps.

The terrain here is mostly clay track and rainforest ground. The track will be extremely muddy during raining season, so one need to be sure-footed in every step.

Along the way, pause every now and then with your camera to capture the beauty of the moths and butterflies fluttering around you.

Check the weather forecast before heading to the waterfall. Avoid going on rainy days, as the river current is strong then and one risks being swept away.

Use a waterproof pouch for handphones. Wear either waterproof trekking shoes or locally made rubber shoes that will give you a good grip on the terrain. It is advisable not to wear slippers, especially if the trek is muddy.

Activewear attire is recommended and don’t forget to apply sunblock as well as insect repellant. Just in case, bring along some salt to kill leeches.

Note: Be responsible for your own litter and dispose it properly.