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Wednesday, 13 June 2018 | MYT 1:30 PM

Steam to discontinue Windows XP and Windows Vista support after Jan 1, 2019

If you have been running your Steam account on Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems, it is probably time for an upgrade. Steam has announced that it will official stop supporting the two Windows OS starting Jan 1, 2019.

It states on its website that users are encouraged to update to a more recent version of Windows in order to continue running Steam and any games or products purchased through the platform. The announcement was made as the newest features on the gaming platform rely on embedded version of Google Chrome, which doesn't function on older versions of Windows.

It also added that the future versions of Steam will only work with features and security updates available in Windows 7 and later.

While users can still run and launch games on Windows XP and Windows Vista until the end of this year, they will not get to experience the full features available on the platform. For example, they cannot use the new Steam Chat feature.

Steam advises users to upgrade to the newer versions of Windows to get access to all the new features on the platform, as well as to ensure access to all games and other content there.