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Monday, 16 April 2018 | MYT 12:00 AM

Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery in sorry state

I AM a proud Ipohite and Perakian. I never fail to show my visitors and friends both local and overseas our proud Ipoh and Perak heritage. For the past eight years, I have been taking friends to the Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery in Kuala Kangsar. I have always enjoyed the beauty and tranquillity of this gallery and its compound but sad to say, this is not so now.

About three years ago, the main fountain has not been functioning. Then the air conditioning at the building hosting the vehicles broke down. Two years ago, the air conditioning at the opposite building broke down too.

Last month, the floorboards at the vehicles’ building were seen to be infested by termites and the air conditioning for the two buildings had still not been fixed.

The main building was also having problems with air conditioning and standing fans were put in place. The staff can also be seen sitting and chatting on the floor of the main building. The carpark area has many broken bricks and the surface is very uneven. This could cause people to trip and fall.

This gallery is a legacy left by our late sultan for us to enjoy. It is also one of the showpieces of Perak. For locals and visitors to enjoy it, the gallery must be maintained well.

One positive observation of Kuala Kangsar’s tourist spots is that renovation and maintenance of the termite-infested Istana Kenangan is finally in progress. This istana has been closed for many years to visitors because of termites. I sincerely hope something will be done to our treasured gallery so that we can remain proud of it, and others can enjoy it too.