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Wednesday, 14 March 2018 | MYT 12:00 AM

Syabas workers did well in water delivery

THIS was the first time my family and I experienced a long spell in water disruption. With my family of five (my wife and I, two toddlers and a maid), our taps quickly ran dry and we were left frantically looking for water. It was at this time that we truly realised how important water is and that every single drop counts!

Just when we were starting to feel anxious, Syabas responded to our request for help by dispatching a water tanker right to our doorstep! Seeing the water tanker was like seeing an oasis in a desert. It was sheer joy for us and our neighbours and we all rushed to fill our pails and containers.

In the midst of such discomfort and inconvenience, I was encouraged upon seeing the hard work and effort put in by the unsung heroes of Syabas – the drivers of the tankers and workers who toiled tirelessly to render such essential help to the public. They hardly slept and were not expected to go home until the water supply was fully restored. They went from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, and when the water in their tankers was finished, they went to refill and resumed their trips. While we whine and complain about the water disruption, let’s not forget the workers who are mending the pipes late into the night while we are deep in slumber in the comforts of our home.

I wish to applaud these remarkable heroes, in particular the Syabas driver Mohd Zaid Anaitullah, for their toil and sweat to see that our basic need is met – access to water.