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Thursday, 12 July 2018 | MYT 6:30 AM

This app tells you all there is to know about your Samsung phone

Looking through the settings of your smartphone is always an interesting pastime and can sometimes reveal some obscure information about your device. But compared to the kind of information you can glean from the app Phone Info Samsung, that's nothing.

This app tells you all sorts of details about your Android phone, for example, where and when the device was built, exactly how many hours it has been in operation for and whether it's a new or a reused phone.

You can even find out the number of times the phone has been connected to a charger.

Last, but not least, the app can also tell you in precise detail what kind of hardware components it has and which software version and firmware is installed.

So, if you'd love to know everything there is to know about your Samsung phone, this is definitely the app for you. — dpa