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Friday, 21 April 2017 | MYT 12:00 AM

Three independent record shops to roll out Record Store Day parties

RECORD Store Day (RSD) gets a big nod this Saturday with three independent record stores — Teenage Head Records, Hard Graft Records and Tandang Store — rolling out celebrations in the Klang Valley.

The 10th anniversary of RSD, a global music store celebration, is a special one with these three Malaysian record stores going the extra mile to get the music-loving public back into bricks-and-mortar record shops.

This year, deejays, live bands, poetry and flea markets will share the spotlight with exclusive RSD releases.

Teenage Head Records, based in Subang Jaya, Selangor, is leading the way with homegrown RSD releases featuring limited edition cassettes, vinyl and CDs.

These local RSD releases are a collaboration with existing indie labels, while the Teenage Head Records label will also be in the thick of things with limited edition releases from Dirgahayu (vinyl), Lust (cassette) and Lara Hassan And The V (cassette).

The other exclusive RSD titles are from Hellexist/Oath, Expurgated, The Otherside Orchestra, The Fatalis, Search, Wings, and Johny Comes Lately.

“It’s good to have a Malaysian Record Store Day list of releases. It shows that the local scene isn’t left behind and RSD isn’t all about bringing in titles from abroad.

Reggae-loving music enthusiast Alijo, radio presenter and Killeur Calculateur member, is part of Tandang Store’s Record Store Day celebration tomorrow.
Reggae-loving music enthusiast Alijo, radio presenter and Killeur Calculateur member, is part of Tandang Store’s Record Store Day celebration tomorrow.

"This year, we have a good mix at the store, and we don’t expect these exclusive titles to be hanging around on the racks for long,” said Mohd Radzi, the owner of Teenage Head Records, who is anticipating a queue outside his shop when it opens at 11am tomorrow.

For live entertainment, Johny Comes Lately (1pm), Lust (2pm), The Otherside Orchestra (3pm), Zealspeaks (4pm), and Lara Hassan And The V (5pm) will be performing at Teenage Head Records’ in-store RSD sessions.

A street market, featuring indie vendors and music collectors, will also be part of the festivities outside the record shop.

Elsewhere, Tandang Store will be celebrating RSD and welcoming the masses to the launch of its new store/cafe at the Zhongshan building in Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur.

“We’ve been working hard to get the new store up and running. Everything is ready now, and we have an exciting list of performers for Tandang’s launch. Not to forget that the store has also been stocking up on a broad range of vinyl, cassettes and CDs,” said Alak Idle, one of Tandang Store’s founders.

Tandang Store, which mostly specialises in DIY and punk-based releases, will be open from 1.30pm to 11pm tomorrow.

“The shop is slowly expanding and we have a local books section, while our second-hand racks are also filling up with a wide array of music genres.

"If you are curious, just come over and have a look at the shop. Come and make some new friends,” Alak added.

Tandang Store’s live RSD programme will include Rahmat Haron, Joe Kidd, Liyana Fizi, Azmyl Yunor, Lukarts, Bayangan, Arol Soleh and The Securities.

The deejay duties, featuring dub, reggae and soul, will be handled by Renry Hollins, Oddjob, Alijo and CT Selekta.

Lastly, Hard Graft Records' RSD programme tomorrow will feature a Gudang Suara Records showcase, starting 3pm. The record store in Petaling Jaya will transform into a gig space with a line-up featuring Ramayan, Rohas Remi, Margasatwa and Iqmal M.  

Admission is free for all the RSD parties.