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Friday, 21 April 2017 | MYT 9:00 AM

Tinder survey unveils naked truths about Millennial dating

A fresh survey from one of the most popular dating apps on the planet has revealed some naked truths about the dating habits of the Millennial set, by comparing experiences between online and offline daters. 

The poll, which captured responses from over 9,000 US men and women, compared and contrasted dating-related habits on and offline, and suggests there are some key differentiators around fidelity, communication, perception and mindfulness. 

For example, according to the survey results, online daters are more faithful to their mates, with 93% of online daters reportedly noting "fidelity" as important in a relationship as opposed to offline daters (90%). 

Opposing political views are also more of a "deal breaker" for online daters than those who date offline, according to the figures, with nearly 23% (or one in four) of Tinder users admitting that differing political ideologies would be their number-one reason to refuse a potential partner (via WWD). 

For Tinder users, age and education were also voted the top two most important factors, with appearance ranking third when considering a potential date. 

Access the full Tinder Modern Dating Myths report here. — AFP Relaxnews