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Friday, 13 October 2017 | MYT 12:00 AM

Too lenient on defaulters

OWING to PTPTN is owing to the nation, “Impose salary deductions on PTPTN loan defaulters” (The Star, Oct 11). I wonder if PTPTN is aware of this in the first place.

Is it that difficult to go after those defaulters or are PTPTN personnel just sitting on their jobs? I don’t see any reason why defaulters should be given discounts and other incentives to persuade them to pay back their loans. Could it be that the PTPTN employees feel it’s not their own money so they needn’t worry?

I know of borrowers who dutifully had their salaries deducted to repay their loans but they were not even considered for discounts. It’s simply not fair to give out goodies to defaulters while ignoring those who diligently settle their loans. PTPTN, you are to be blamed too as you have been too lenient on them.