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Saturday, 12 August 2017 | MYT 6:03 AM

Selfie with your favorite celebrities at the Red Carpet2@i-City interactive wax museum!

A strikingly realistic wax figure of Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, from the movie House Of Flying Daggers. Photos: The Star/M. Azhar Arif

Beyonce stands in one corner of the hall, ready to dance. Nearby, Madonna prepares to sing a song, with Taylor Swift accompanying her on the guitar. Getting to them, one passes Asian pop sensation Jay Chou, looking as stoic as ever, and Katy Perry, who smiles at you from the giant clam she is sitting in.

Is this the concert of the year? An awards show most mortals can only dream of attending? No, it’s a scene from one of the many rooms of Red Carpet 2@i-City, a soon- to-be opened interactive wax museum at the i-City entertainment park in Shah Alam.

The attraction is an extension of the Red Carpet, Malaysia’s first home-grown interactive wax museum, which is located at a different part of i-City.

“Red Carpet 2 is going to be a lot bigger, brighter and a lot more exciting. You can actually expect to see more characters and icons, ranging from leaders of the tech industry, world leaders, and head of states. And if you’re more of a movie buff, you actually see a lot of movie characters here!” says Tang Soke Cheng, i-Berhad information manager, at a recent media preview.

If you think there are none of the X-Men here, then well, you don’t know Jack, man.

“Following the success of Red Carpet 1, what you can expect here is a lot more interaction. You’ll get to see a lot more scenes depicting a character. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself and spend an evening meeting up to a hundred characters!”

Visitors to Red Carpet 2 can have a grand time taking photos with around 100 wax figures, spread over the museum’s two floors, which occupy over 2,787sq m. Ever wanted a selfie with Jackie Chan or The Rock?

Get the next best thing here: it’s far cheaper than a ticket to Hollywood!

Red Carpet 2@i-City is divided into 10 sections, each with a specific theme. Visitors can take their pick of Superheroes, K-Pop icons, the Royalty, Sci-Fi and Magical stars, Historical figures, Corporate Movers and Tech Giants, Oscar stars and more!

There are even a few fairytale characters for the very young ones. The first Red Carpet is divided into World Icons, Celebrities, World Book of Records, Interactive and Legend sections.

This figure of Snow White will probably be the apple of many kids eyes.

If anything, this museum caters to local tastes, with Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese stars, among others, making appearances alongside Western icons. Captain Yoo Si Jin from TV series Descendants Of The Sun is here for example, looking sharp in his military fatigues. All figures are created by the same international company behind Red Carpet 1. Part of the fun of the attraction is comparing how similar the real-life personalities look to their wax doppelgangers. For many, the resemblance is truly uncanny!

According to Tang, the success of the first Red Carpet, which proved popular with international visitors, led to the construction of Red Carpet 2.

This museum is also an extension of a new phase of i-City’s development.

“Red Carpet 2 will be the anchor for some new attractions leading to the Central i-City shopping mall that is slated to open in October next year. Expect a few more outdoor attractions to be coming,” says Tang.

Would you take a photo with this figure of Justin Bieber? Never say never.

She adds that Red Carpet 2 was developed with the lessons of the original Red Carpet in mind. “We wanted to maintain the original park as it is, as there are still some very popular characters there. We didn’t just want to do an extension, we wanted to bring a brand new experience to the masses,” explains Tang.

“Red Carpet 2 has a brand new build-up, with different characters, different scenery and different photo opportunities from the first Red Carpet. Yes, there might be a few characters here you may have seen from the first Red Carpet, but here, they might be in a different position, or be seen from a different time or era of their lives. Some of them may be a bit younger here! It’s a whole new experience.”

The museum has both indoor and outdoor zones.

The outdoor zone, which hosts the Wizarding World and Superheroes sections, is open to the public for free.

Certain parts of the attraction have interactive environments, allowing visitors to really get creative with their photos.

The section featuring the action stars of The Expendables, for example, has been made up to look like a war zone, while comedy lovers can hop on a bicycle to take a ride with Mr Bean. Or you can pull up a chair and have a deep discussion on current issues with your favourite leader at his or her desk. The possibilities are limitless!

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know when you might get Mr Bean and Forrest Gump in the same room again.

“It’s a fun family experience. It tells stories, and increases your curiosity. Parents can bring their children and update them on who a figure is, and what they did. Bring your camera! And no matter what you like, you’ll find something for you here,” promises Tang.

Red Carpet 2@i-City’s official opening, officiated by the Minister of Tourism and Culture Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, is on Aug 15. Entry passes are at RM150 (adult) and RM100 (child) for international visitors and RM100 (adult) and RM50 (child) for Malaysians. For more information, visit or call 03-5521 8866.